We welcome Dr. Soeren Huettner as our new post-doctoral fellow in the lab. Dr. Huettner has a PhD from the Leibniz Institute for Aging in Jena, Germany. He will be working on deciphering the 3D genome code for muscle cell fate specification. Welcome to our lab Soeren!


We welcome Yuqing Yang to our laboratory. Yuqing is a graduate student in the Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill University. She will be co-supervised by Dr. Colin Crist and Dr. Michael Witcher, investigating whether genome architecture plays an important role in regulating muscle stem cell activity.

New publication

Our paper is accepted at Development! Building on our previous work that shows adult muscle stem cells (MuSCs) require low rates of protein synthesis, we now show that within this context some mRNAs required for MuSC stem cell properties are more efficiently translated.

New graduate students

We’re happy to welcome Charlotte Sénéchal (BSc, McGill University) and Harry Cheng (BSc, HKUST) to our laboratory. Both are very courageous students starting a graduate program at McGill University during a difficult 2020. Welcome to our laboratory!


We welcome Claire Yang (BSc, Queens) to our lab! Claire will be undertaking her graduate studies at McGill University, and her research project in our lab will broadly ask how translational control of gene expression regulates muscle stem cells. Thank you for choosing our lab Claire!

More funding!

We are delighted to announce that our research is now supported by a generous grant from the Richard and Edith Strauss Foundation, which will help to accelerate our efforts to manipulate muscle stem cells ex vivo and in vivo.